Saturday, November 7, 2009

Number Two: The Statement Shoe

You can make a bold fashion statement with just about anything. You can do it with a wild dress, an intricate pair of pants, a huge necklace, or a crazy scarf.

I personally prefer a Statement Heel. They go with jeans and a simple jersey top, a relatively plain dress, or even a work appropriate sweater and trousers. It's a hint of who you are, a subtle message about the person beneath the clothes. They are fun and fierce, and a way to literally walk taller.

My personal favorites are Steve Madden's Bombb (a pair inspired by Balenciaga's Lego shoes), Jeffrey Campbell's Michelle (unicorn shoes!) and a pair of perforated sneaker-wedges from Michael by Michael Kors. I have a pair of Statement Heels for every mood, and I love them for a simple way to finish off an otherwise "meh" outfit.

If you go for a pair of Statement Heels, don't go overboard on the rest of the outfit. Keep the rest of the clothes simple, and don't go overboard on the accessories, lest you look costumey. Costumes are great, but not for every day.

Where to find:,,,,,,,, Steve Madden stores, finer shoe retailers.

* With the Statement Heel, not many stores carry them. it's one of the sad ways of the world, where shelf space is at a premium, and there are too few women bold enough to go for the Statement Heel. However, with Internet shelf space being virtually unlimited, this gives stores the ability to carry something that is a bit too out-there for the general public, but perfectly fabulous. If you go the online shopping route, double and triple-check the return policy and make SURE you know your size!

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